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Gameplay will contained a recorded gameplay with my commentary, or not! The gameplay divided by episode, quick game, and funny moment!


My name is Jason Nathanael, you can call me Jason, Nathanael, JN, or JN 2002 and I’m from Indonesia.

I’ve been making a lot of gaming videos on YouTube and start applying some of my music projects on YouTube video as well.

I started the Instagram account just for fun, but then I realized that I had found my passion through the gaming and music! So my account barely changed into music/band.

Speaking for music/band, yes! I am a keyboardist, a bassist, and a little bit of drummer! I’ve been love with music since I was 10. Currently I am enrolling to the University at UPH Lippo Village for about 1 semester. 

I also running the Twitch every Saturday at 9.00 UTC, but sometimes 9.30 UTC, or even 10.00 UTC if I have a lot of work.

There some might be some crazy stuff is going to happened at my YouTube! Some new stuff! Just like reacting, having a voice chat with Discord Community, or even more crazy unimaginable cover song.

You may probably not heard that if I reach 4k subs, I will do face reveal. When it happened, something crazy might coming! Including for the very first time giveaway steam wallet, and new type of video: FiRec ( Film Reaction ). It is gonna be crazy! So please subscribe my channel until we reach the goal!

The young 19 years old that loves

music and games!

The Squid Games



Deltarune -

Welcome to the



Miraculous Ladybug

All Miraculous



Theme (Including

RenRen and Eagle)


Deltarune -

Girl Next Door

Noelle's Theme


Dad Battle - Friday

Night Funkin


The music will contain a fully made the song from nothing with FL Studio Mobile. (Dominantly) The music also divided as Original Composition and Cover song! There is soo much type of cover song that I can do, including Electric beat, Modern Band, Rock and Roll, and much more!

Hopefully Helpfull

The Hopefully Helpful will contain any tutorial that I have got to present to you if you are struggling do anything.


Contains recorded stream with real live chat.

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